Hairstyle – Bridal Workshop

Hairstyle – Bridal Workshop


5 LOOKS created by Luciana Sabariz.

Sabariz Hairtists was founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina,result of the first passionate generation about style and hairdress.

Susana Beatriz and Nelson Sabariz, icons of perseverance, talent and creativity, came to the formula of success, developing their own identity, alternating the beauty salon work with national events of artistic hairdressing, which led them to receive numerous awards.

After 20 years of success, the idea comes to our continent In 1979, the current Sabariz hair salon that we all know is born, in Padilla street.

Magic, magnetism, technique and dedication are the elements that breathe in it since then. Soon it took the salon to repeat the success achieved in Latin America, taking us to the second generation Sabariz.

Luciana Sabariz, with a clear and recognized professional artistic proposal, has lived the world of hairdressing since childhood. Growing up among hairdressers, makeup artists, stylists made her a participant of that creativity, and conquered it from an early age.

After an outstanding training, and having the position of vice president of the Barcelona guild of Hairdressers, ​​Luciana Sabariz continues the Sabariz Hairtists legacy, an already 40 years of history and art.

One style for each bride

For make-up artists, hairstylists, hairdressers and hair lovers.

With or without experience.

700CHF both days

Certificate from Make-up Beauty Academy and Luciana Sabariz as responsible of the course

All the material for the lessons are included