Stephanie Jeg

Stephanie Jeg

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I am a passionate Freelance Makeup Artist since 2007. Originally from the Philippines, I have been living in Germany and Switzerland for almost twenty years. Through my work at Christian Dior and my additional Makeup training at the Academy of Freelance Makeup Artist in London, I had the opportunity to learn from some of Europe’s leading Makeup Artists. I strongly believe that good makeup should magnify the beauty that already exist.



Dior, Givenchy, Benefit Cosmetic Tele Basel, ABB Group, BUSS AG,, Valentino Blow dry, , 

Voga Cosmetics, Hear Foundation Gala, Red Cross Gala, Zurich Film Festival. 



Imrage, Scorpion Jin, Style Cruz, 

Shuba Mag, Malvie, Elegant Magazine, 

Faddy Magazine, Surreal Magazine, Manuka Magazine, Nazar Kultur Magazine

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