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The school is run by Andrea Sigrist, a make-up artist with over 25 years of experience, trained in didactic-pedagogical techniques and a certified trainer with references as an instructor for major international brands.

International experience in a favorable environment for students from all over the world with a focus on the local language, German, but as a migrant Andrea Sigrist knows the challenge of speaking a new language. That is why our faculty consists of international and flexible professionals who speak several other languages such as English, Spanish and Portuguese and provide a comfortable environment for national and international students.

You do not need any makeup experience. Our range of courses is aimed at both beginners and experienced students and covers all aspects that are necessary for a successful make-up artist.

We prepare you for the fashion market and pass on our experience from our participation in New York Fashion Week over four years, various fashion and other shows, film and music festivals, fashion editorials, social make-up, specialization in wedding makeup, etc.

However, the job market is extensive and needs make-up artists and make-up consultants for major international brands. If you dream of working for famous brands, then get ready, because for that you need more than makeup – you need to know how to lead a consultation, understand your customers’ needs, and most importantly, sell the products used and know how to retain keep close both to the brand that hired you and your customers.

As an agent for make-up artists and beauty promoters, Andrea Sigrist has over 10 years of experience in recruiting, training, and managing professionals. Thanks to her experience, she knows exactly which professional profile is required and which attributes one needs in order to be successful in this area. She has brought several talented alumni to work for major brands and tutored them through their careers.




A complete course to become a make-up artist professional


Airbrush is getting more popular than ever. Learn all the secrets and techniques to use it as a professional


Learn how to do a professional make-up for Brides and events


If you are an experienced woman, learn how to do self make-up in an outstanding way



Andrea Sigrist
Celiane Aguiar
Mayná Martínez
Stephanie Jeg

My decision on MBA was made based on a research of the professors, I really wanted to learn from and with the best ones. Since day one everyone treated me so good, so professional. I go to the school with a smile and happiness. Until now I am very happy to belong here, and I’m not afraid about leaving the school and not finding work because I feel very prepared by the course!

Diana Camões

Für mich hat die Zugehörigkeit zu diesem Team viel Wissen gebracht. Ich hatte die Grundlagen des Make-ups, aber nichts im Vergleich zu dem, was ich bei ihnen gelernt habe. Ich habe nun die Motivation, jeden Tag zu wachsen und zu lernen.  Ich habe neue Techniken gelernt und die Make-up Beauty Academy hat mir geholfen, meinen Traum wahr werden zu lassen. Ich bin Andrea, Mayna und Celiane sehr dankbar, sie sind super Profis.

Marcia Varela

I’M VERY HAPPY AND GRATEFUL FOR BEING WITH YOU THESE 6-7 MONTHS. It may seem like a lie, but it was one of the best phases of my life. After I met the MBA teachers my life has changed a lot. Many opportunities came, I have found myself and feeling special. I swear with all my heart, they are like a family that welcomed me in Switzerland, I feel home with you! Stay with me forever!

Priscilla Ramos

Ich wollte nur sagen, dass ich euch sehr lieb habe. Und ich danke euch für diese Gelegenheit. Das war ein Traum von mir und ihr habt ihn wahr gemacht. Ich freue mich über die Familie, die wir geworden sind, und die Schwestern, die ich gewonnen habe, da ich in der Schweiz niemanden kannte. Und danke für die Liebe und Geduld jedes Lehrers. Samstage waren die Tage der Woche, die ich am meisten liebte. Ihr seid klasse!

Patricia Matos

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