Why to become a professional makeup artist

A makeup artist is someone who uses cosmetic techniques and processes to create beauty upon the human body. A professional make-up artiste is in high demand and is becoming a more relevant choice. Make-up artiste may work for some organization such as myself for Make-up beauty academy or take on a freelance work. It is very comparable to a profession of an artist as it is very creative, original, expressive and imaginative.

There are many benefits in becoming a professional makeup artiste, some of these benefits are:

  1. Very easy to participate; takes one to two years to study to be able to work or even take short courses, don’t stop learning as you will need to keep your make-up trends fresh and there are always new skills and techniques to learn. Makeup beauty academy provides you a very great and nice avenue for you to begin or enhance your makeup skills.
  2. Express your creativity and to put any idea into practice.
  3. Meet new people, visit new places and what is more exciting, working with celebrities and travelling abroad.
  4. See the outcome of your work immediately also get the chance to show of your skills to the world which is a very important thing as a make-up artiste.
  5. Fun; while the career as a makeup artiste is definitely one filled with hard work, it is also one filled with fun and observations. You can gain perfection by experimenting with the products you have, products you don’t have and all the different skin types and tones your clients may have.
  6. Glamour; the glamour of being a makeup artist and working in the backstage hustle and bustle is attractive. This type of glamour isn’t easily accessible in many other careers, but goes hand-in-hand with those within the fashion and beauty industries.
  7. Gain recognition; as a makeup artist, you will likely have the opportunity to work on editorial makeup projects. This means you will be able to get your name into magazine credits, if a bride submits her photographs to a wedding photo website.
  8. Making money; Makeup artistry is an industry that actually pays quite well. You can make a large amount per hour, which will add up to a substantial annual income, especially if you widen your skillsets and offer editorial, evening and other year-round makeup services.

Here are some steps on how to become a successful and professional makeup artist:

  1. Keep practicing

We all know practice makes perfect, and makeup artistry is no exception. Whether it’s trying out different looks on yourself or your friends, the more you do it, the better you’ll be. Practice is key. Learning from professionals is important to becoming a truly great artist, but making practice part of your everyday routine is also critical.

Figure out what you’re good at and what you need more practice doing. Play with product on as many skin types, facial feature shapes, and ages as you can.

  1. Research the previous makeup genius

Take the time to figure out what kind of looks catch your eyes and who your makeup artist role models are. Research who’s come before you and understand what you like about their work. Figure out which styles you’re most attracted to. You can start by looking at books, magazines, websites, beauty blogs, and celebrity images.

  1. Get a Formal Education

If you’re serious about becoming a professional makeup artist, going to school is a great option to consider. There are tons of different programs across the country, do your homework and find out which is best for you. One such school is the Makeup beauty academy, which accordingly, covers just about everything: “We offer a master program, which is comprised of four levels: beauty, fashion, TV and film, and stage and artistic. This is a six month-program that provides a certification upon completion. The Academy also offers intensive programs that range from one to seven weeks.”

Another route is to obtain an associate of arts degree in cosmetology from a local community college. Whether you head to traditional college or beauty school, they’ll help you prepare for whatever licensing exams and requirements.

  1. Get online and market yourself.

The beauty world has changed drastically, If you want to be successful, you got to have a web presence. All thanks to the internet, social media has had a huge impact on makeup artistry. Think of all the YouTube and Instagram sensations out there. The more you expose your work and are exposed to others, the more you’ll grow.

  1. No matter what, don’t overdo it.

For many who want to be a professional makeup artist, working with celebrities is the ultimate goal. If you’re lucky enough to score a star client, you need to remain professional. Remember that you’re there to perform a service, not try and become best friends with someone you’ve seen in movies, if a friendship grows, that’s wonderful, but your job is to make sure your client is in the most relaxed state of mind. This often means intuitively knowing when it’s time to talk and when it’s time to stay quiet and let them sit with their thoughts, their phone, or their music.

  1. Receive any job you can and carry along your best attitude.

As you work your way up, take any job you can get to build experience, even if it doesn’t pay. “Nothing is ever beneath you, no job is ever too small. You never know who you’re going to meet, and where that person will end up next, so always treat everyone the way you’d like to be treated.

  1. Love your job.

Never lose the love for makeup and artistry that drew you to becoming a makeup artist in the first place! “Enthusiasm is important!

  1. Get a mentor.

See if you can connect with a makeup artist who will let you tag along to their jobs. If you can work as their assistant or as an intern, even better! Having a mentor who can show you the ropes is invaluable when you’re starting out.

Makeup beauty academy provides you the perfect avenue to achieve all you need in becoming a professional makeup artist. They have guided and taught many known professional makeup artist. This academy is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Makeup beauty academy do have professional, friendly and knowledgeable teachers as it consists of three teachers with many experience as makeup artist. One of the teachers has more than 20 years’ experience in makeup artistry. Makeup beauty academy is the perfect choice for any individual aspiring to become a professional makeup artist.

You can find more information about us on our website. www.makeupbeautyacademy.com

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